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We’ve gone back and forth with our contractor on budget and what’s appropriate for us and the house. One of the items that we’ve been deciding on is the flooring for the back room and the powder room/half bath. Even though its more cost effective to have the hardwood run into the mud room and the powder room, it’s much more practical and it seems like a better long term solution to have those areas tiled.

With our desire to embrace the house and it’s location, we’ve decided that we want to use Heath Tiles which are made local and whose colors and craftsmanship embrace the spirit of where we live – Marin County. Our interest in Heath started years ago but has increased of late. As Heath can be pricy, we’ve been scouring their Overstock section weekly to see if we can find any remnant tiles.

Heath Ceramics Factory  - Sausalito, CA

Heath Ceramics Factory – Sausalito, CA

When searching Heath Overstock, you need to first know your square footage as well as to understand the glazes that Heath uses – some of these are more likely to stain and are not appropriate for a bathroom.

Heath Overstock tiles

Boxes of Overstock Tile at Heath Ceramics – Sausalito, CA

Luckily for us, we found a bright yellow – gloss in 3×9 and a brown – matte in 2×9. The yellow will be used as the bathroom backsplash and the brown as the flooring in the powder room and the mud room.

Heath Overstock Tile: Bright Yellow - Gloss

Heath Overstock Tile: Bright Yellow – Gloss

Heath Overstock Tile: Brown - Matte

Heath Overstock Tile: Brown – Matte

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