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House completed – guest room and main bath

The guest room upstairs is slightly smaller than the original but large enough for a set of bookcases and single sized guest bed. The laundry has been moved from downstairs to the closet in the […]

Sep, 21

House Completed – kitchen and downstairs bath

Here’s our kitchen with open shelving and white cabinets. We are currently using an island from the restaurant supply store but will have a custom one built in the future.  

Sep, 19

House completed – staircase

The new staircase pushed the house out 18 inches. The first flight of stairs are floating and open to the space below, the second flight are cascading. The metal base was built by San Francisco […]

Sep, 18


We’ve gone back and forth with our contractor on budget and what’s appropriate for us and the house. One of the items that we’ve been deciding on is the flooring for the back room and […]

May, 30


We’ve spent quite a bit of time searching for lighting and have purchased the following: Outdoor Lighting Remcraft’s ‘Retro’ series is period appropriate, streamlined and are available as fluorescent – a requirement for outdoor lighting […]

May, 20


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