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Starting Point

Upon first seeing our house, we were taken by it’s charm and setting. Was it a love story? Well, actually, it was; our love for the house was based on what the house use to be and what it could be – and by our gut feeling that this little house was asking us to save it.

A-Frame Renovation

Our A-Frame untouched since 1964

Like many homes of it’s age, our home was suffering from a series of poor renovations in 1964. Even though we’re not excited about orange Formica counter tops or the gold leaf mirror tiles in the bathroom, we know we could live with these things – at least for the short term. However, it’s the other items we know we can’t live with.

Our biggest issue with the house and one that is the core of the renovations, was fixing crooked and unstable floors, updating the electrical and plumbing, and installing insulation.

As we reviewed our priorities, we determined that the best way to bring it back to what it was intended to be, was to strip it to its core and keep it a simple, modest 1,200 square feet home.

For information on the history of our house, please visit the About page.

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