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Scope of work

We’ve owned the house now a few months but had decided before purchasing it that we would stay in our apartment in San Francisco and make some renovations to the house before moving in. Our main goal was to address the structural issues of the house – specifically fixing the uneven floors on the second floor that were the result of a non-permitted renovation.

Besides the structural work, we also knew that we needed to update the electrical and plumbing. But the scope and the extent of the work has not been determined. We’ve been lucky enough to have friends who are architects, interior designers and a structural engineer who have provided their insight on the house and what changes they would suggest. As we’ve talked to more people, we’ve come to appreciate that we  need to rebuild the second floor completely. And since the footprint of our small house is so small at 1,200 sq ft., the work upstairs will greatly impact the first floor – allowing us to think of addressing moving that crazy bathroom in the middle of the main room, expanding the kitchen to make it larger and to replacing the original staircase.

Current Dining Room where the open kitchen will be. The kitchen sink will be in front of the window.

Current Dining Room where the open kitchen will be. The kitchen sink will be in front of the window.

The Original Staircase - a modified ladder

The Original Staircase – a modified ladder

After much research and following leads and references, we finally selected a contractor – Steve Crutchfield of Larkspur, CA. We initially found Steve profiled in an article on SFGate.com – the San Francisco Chronicle website – for a house remodel he had completed in Larkspur. Like our house, this home was an A-Frame but much larger. When we first spoke to Steve we could tell he really loved our house and understood what we wanted to do – keep the integrity of the house but make it more structurally safe and functional.

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