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Wood flooring

We’ve been looking at flooring for some time and finally found exactly what we were looking for – a 7″ wide white oak flooring at a reduced price at Tulip Hardwood Floors in Berkeley, CA. […]

Oct, 30

Choosing paint colors

Choosing paint colors was quite an ordeal. When we started looking at colors, we realized so much was at play: The beams and tongue and groove ceiling paneling run inside and outside the house. The […]

Sep, 20

Fireplace replacement

The existing wood burning fireplace which is original to the house, is not to code for EPA standards and needs to be replaced. In searching for a replacement, we found a similar fireplace at Malm Fireplace in […]

Aug, 10


We’ve gone back and forth with our contractor on budget and what’s appropriate for us and the house. One of the items that we’ve been deciding on is the flooring for the back room and […]

May, 30


We’ve spent quite a bit of time searching for lighting and have purchased the following: Outdoor Lighting Remcraft’s ‘Retro’ series is period appropriate, streamlined and are available as fluorescent – a requirement for outdoor lighting […]

May, 20

Choosing Finishes

From the beginning of this project, we knew we wanted to use a simple pallet of colors and materials. Our goal is to keep the house as a simple back drop to the views of […]

May, 11


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