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Kitchen installation

White IKEA kitchen cabinets have been installed. The light grey quartz countertops are Cinder. The backsplash tile are from the overstock sale section of Heath Ceramics of Sausalito, CA.

Nov, 10

Radiant Heating

Since our furnace was on it’s last legs and needed to be replaced, we’ve decided to go with radiant heating instead of purchasing a new furnace. Radiant heating is a bit more efficient and will […]

Aug, 25

Bedroom Terrace Renovation and Replacement

The existing terrace off the bedroom was rotten and needed to be replaced. The flooring and railing was replaced with redwood decking. Additionally, the tar and gravel flooring below the deck was replaced. We’ve replaced […]

Jul, 25

Drywall Insulation

All the framing has been completed, the walls have been insulated and the drywall is up. We are finally making progress!

Jul, 20


We’re installing radiant heating and removed the furnace. As the vent for the furnace has left a huge hole in the center of the upstairs hallway, we’ve installed a skylight. It looks better than we […]

Jul, 10


Required by the state of California for new construction and by the County of Marin for renovation, we’ve had to install sprinklers though out the house. Now, the house will be ready to pass inspection. […]

Jul, 01

Reinforcement of the back porch

A poor addition at the back of the house was not reinforced and very unstable. Our contractor braced the addition with new supporting beams and concrete footing. Comparing the before and after is a bit […]

Jun, 22

Stairs – Construction

The new stairs are in place and the main room feels much more open. The new window bank brings in so much light to house.

Jun, 15

Downstairs – Demolition and Constuction

The demolition downstairs involves opening up the space by moving the bathroom from the main room, moving the kitchen and building a new and open staircase.        

Jun, 07

Upstairs – Demolition and Construction

What’s known as a demolition is really an excavation. It’s a time when you find how well things were built, how good or bad past renovations have been done, if there is insulation and where, […]

Jun, 05


It’s taken a few months to get our permits through the city and even though we aren’t changing the footprint or changing any exterior walls, it’s taken 3 months to get the permit to start […]

Apr, 30


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