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House completed – new front door

We’ve replaced the front door which was original to the house. It was very cool but was not secure or weather resistant. After much research and exploration, we purchased a Simpson door and Milgard windows […]

Oct, 24

House completed – guest room and main bath

The guest room upstairs is slightly smaller than the original but large enough for a set of bookcases and single sized guest bed. The laundry has been moved from downstairs to the closet in the […]

Sep, 21

House completed – master bedroom

With the expansion of the bedroom into the old loft area, we’ve increased the size of the bedroom and kept the room open to the main room below. The structural A-Frame beams run every seven […]

Sep, 20

House Completed – kitchen and downstairs bath

Here’s our kitchen with open shelving and white cabinets. We are currently using an island from the restaurant supply store but will have a custom one built in the future.  

Sep, 19

House completed – staircase

The new staircase pushed the house out 18 inches. The first flight of stairs are floating and open to the space below, the second flight are cascading. The metal base was built by San Francisco […]

Sep, 18

House completed – exterior colors and main floor

It’s been 10 months since moving into our new home. My hope was to post more updates but it’s been a whirlwind with unpacking and purging our belongings to fit our new space. Here are […]

Sep, 15

Thanksgiving in a construction site

Our goal was to move into the house by Thanksgiving and host family. Since we had given notice at the apartment, moving by the end of November is imperative. With construction delays, we’ve missed our […]

Nov, 23


The oak staircase has been completed. It combines open treads at the bottom with cascading steps at the top. The metal stingers were produced by Lawrence LaBianca of San Francisco. Lawrence is currently producing the metal […]

Nov, 18

Kitchen and downstairs bath

The kitchen is finally complete! Although modern, the kitchen is in keeping with the spirit of the house. An oak shelf was installed in the place of cabinets above the sink making the space informal and […]

Nov, 16

A-Frame Reframe

A-Frame reframe is a personal blog of the renovation of our 1953 A-Frame house in Marin County, CA.; just north of San Francisco. This journal is a venue to document our renovation and an avenue […]

Jan, 29


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