A-Frame Reframe

A-Frame Reframe is a personal blog of the renovation of our 1953 A-Frame house in Marin County, CA.; just north of San Francisco. This journal is a venue to document our renovation and an avenue to celebrate the uniqueness and history of the A-Frame home.

Our house was built in 1953 by Wally Reemelin; a licensed mechanical engineer who was interested in efficient architecture. Reemelin had previously built a pair of A-Frames in the Berkeley hills in 1950.

In the early 1950s, architects including John Carden Campbell, George Rockrise and Andrew Geller were experimenting with A-frame designs to create and build modest and affordable second homes for families in the post-war economy. In 1951, San Francisco architect, John Campbell gained press and notoriety for his submission of an A-Frame design to Interiors Magazine article on ‘new architecture’. Later that year, Cambell exhibited a full size A Frame model at the 1951 San Francisco Arts Festival. Campbell later sold copies of his plans for $25.00.

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I appreciate your interest in our house and your enthusiasm for A-Frames. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail with any questions or with any feedback.


Paul O’Neil