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7 years later

It’s almost seven years since we first purchased our A-Frame and it seems like a lifetime ago. So much has happened since; my partner and I have encountered job and career changes as well as the loss of loved ones. However, whatever we faced, we’ve always had each other and this wonderful space to come home to.

The renovation we undertook made the house more livable and one that we, and everyone who visits, truly enjoys being in. There is nothing more mesmerizing and calming then being surrounded by trees and birds and being able to see the moon nightly from our couch.

I haven’t posted since moving in and our renovations since have been minimal, except for replacing our deck last spring.

Here’s a picture of our 37 year old deck before we replaced it:

Here’s the work being done by Ryan Downey of RMD Builders of Novato, CA.

However, what’s surprised me the most about creating this blog are the folks who have reached out, the friendships that have been formed and the doors it has opened.

Sandra Henderson of Alpine Modern Magazine reached out as she was writing an article on A-Frames. The story of our house showed prominently in her article and we developed a wonderful relationship that led to me becoming a contributing writer for Alpine Modern.

Additionally, A-Frame Studio of Toronto contacted me as they were shooting a book on A-Frames – The Modern A-Frame. The pictures turned out beautifully and our house is one of only 17 homes featured in North America and the only one in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Finally, the renovation of our house lit something in me. My career in publishing had transitioned to one in sales but due to limitations in the sphere I was working in, I decided to make the transition to real estate. I’m currently selling Real Estate with Zephyr in Marin County – north of San Francisco. I’m enjoying it immensely and love connecting with folks and helping them find their own diamond in the rough. Please reach out to me if you are looking for real estate in Northern California.

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